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Tags not available


  • llab23 started the conversation

    Hi, we use taxomy tags on our website.

    In DK PDF Generator > Select posts categories and taxonomy terms

    they don't appear, only categories.

  •   Emili replied privately
  • llab23 replied

    Hi Emili,

    thanks for you quick reply!

    Here some screenshot of the issue:
    - the tags_screenshot are the taxomy-tags that we use in the posts
    - the categories_screenshot are the categories that we use in the posts
    As you can see in the last screenshot the dk-pdf-generator ajax search returns only the catogories and not the tags.

    We use a lot the tags and need to print pdfs with the content of the post-by-tags.


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    Emili replied

    Hi llab23,

    I just fixed it, now tags will appear in the select. I'm attaching the plugin here, just deactivate/uninstall and upload/install this one.

    You'll see a new tab 'PDF Button Shortcode' in the right side, this is a new feature that I'm going to add in the next version, it's not fully tested yet, but feel free to test if you whish. [dkpdfg-button] shortcode creates a button that outputs the same PDF as if you click 'Create PDF' in the admin.

    Any feedback will be welcome


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  • llab23 replied

    Hi Emili,thanks a lot for your help and sorry for the delayed reply. We test now your fix and  we can see also the Tags in the select, that's great!

    However it looks like the "date range" filter is not working for both Categories and Tags: when we create a PDF (ie. from 1st august 2017 to 16 august 2017) the PDF contains all the posts for the selected Category or Tag from the very begin (2012 in our case).

    Can you please look into it?